Good food awards

Some of the awards The University of Edinburgh has won for excellence in our catering.

Pease Please - Rising Star Award

The Peas Please initiative is focused on making it easier for everyone to eat vegetables. The initiative released its latest Veg Facts 2021 report and found 18,000 premature deaths a year in the UK can been influenced by a poor diet and lack of vegetables and legumes.

The report also found 77% of adults eat fewer portions of vegetables than recommended by the UK Government’s EatWell guide.

The catering team are not only committed to increasing the amount of vegetables served (currently 50% of all meals are vegetarian and plant-based) but also committed to promoting vegetables in their Student Cook Schools and to make vegetables more accessible, appealing and affordable across university cafes.

Meals and products will now contain a greater proportion of vegetables, with an increase in weight from 90g to 150g.

Vegan hot meal options are also now a permanent addition to retail outlets with seasonal and local vegetables used on a rotational basis. Customers can switch potato portions for vegetables at no extra cost.

Pease Please

Food for Life 

The University of Edinburgh (Accommodation, Catering and Events) was the first University in Scotland to achieve the Food For Life Catering Mark at Bronze level for all student meals served in catered halls which number over 750,000 meals served over the student semesters as well as for 12 catering retails outlets throughout the University, which adds an additional 115,000 items. 

Food For Life Catering Mark at Bronze level


Good Egg award

In 2014 the University achieved the "Good Egg Award" in recognition of the University's commitment to use only free range whole/shell eggs across 100% of their catering. A strategic decision was made to switch all shelled eggs to free range over six years ago and 285,000 shelled eggs are used annually.

Good egg award

Pollocks to Waste

We have made a commitment to cut down waste in our catered campus, Pollock Halls, where breakfast and dinner is served at the JMCC Restaurant. Take a look at this video which highlights our goals and successes.

Pollocks to waste (YouTube)