Carbon footprints

Supporting staff, students and visitors to make informed choices on their food.

Carbon footprints

carbon footprinting

Our Wellbeing Portal now displays the carbon footprint for each of our menus, allowing individuals to make greener choices that have a meaningful impact.

Eating local may seem an obvious way to becoming more environmentally conscious due to transport emissions however, transport is only responsible for a small amount of final carbon footprints for the majority of foods.

What you eat is far more important than where your food came from and cutting beef and dairy from your diet can have a far greater impact on your carbon footprint.  For example, producing beef emits 60 kilograms of greenhouse gases per kg, but peas emit just 1 kilogram per kg.

We have made the move to display carbon emissions in both CO2 equivalent and a real life comparison on our menus, to help you with your choices. Find out more information about how we calculated emissions in our supporting statement below.

You can visit the wellbeing portals to view the carbon emissions:

Arthur's Food & Drink 

Nucleus KB

Delivered Hospitality 

Conferences and Events



You can find out more about how these figures are calculated here